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Test Updates


BCR-ABL1 Non-Standard p230Effective December 11th, 2023, this test will be updated to be a Qualitative assay.

  • Results will be reported out as Detected or Not Detected.
  • The analytical sensitivity of the test is 0.1%.
  • The result of this test should not be used as the sole criterion for confirming a diagnosis of CML. Correlation with cytogenetic, FISH, and hematologic findings is highly recommended.
  • Monitoring of positive p230 cases can be achieved using this test in combination with the BCR/ABL1/ASS1 t(9;22) FISH assay.

There’ll be no changes in CPT codes and pricing. This update applies only to cases accessioned from Monday, December 11th.


Reminder! The following comprehensive genomic profiles for hematologic malignancies are now available! These assays can provide key diagnostic, therapeutic, and clinical trial information. They can also aid in risk stratification, prognostic prediction, and support clinical research.

  • Neo Comprehensive™ – Myeloid Disorders analyzes 164 pertinent genes in myeloid neoplasms.
    • DNA sequencing: SNVs/InDels in 126 genes and copy number variants (CNVs) in 17 genes
    • RNA sequencing: known and novel fusions in 40 genes
  • Neo Comprehensive™ – Heme Cancers analyzes 433 relevant genes in hematologic cancers.
    • DNA sequencing: SNVs/InDels in 302 genes and CNVs in 23 genes
    • RNA sequencing: known and novel fusions in 184 genes


New Test

Now Available! Early-stage NSCLC Panel

The Early-stage NSCLC Panel analyzes 4 actionable and informative early-stage NSCLC biomarkers, EGFR (PCR), ALK (FISH), ROS1 (FISH), PD-L1 22C3 (IHC), relevant for diagnostic evaluation and therapy-selection. This panel is aligned with emerging published clinical trial evidence and the latest clinical testing guidelines, associated with approved targeted therapies. For more info, please contact your local NeoGenomics representative or visit the Early-stage NSCLC webpage.


Early-stage non-small cell lung cancer panel


Special Announcement

NeoGenomics will be at the 65th ASH Annual Meeting and Exposition

We at NeoGenomics are so excited to be a part of the 65th ASH Annual Meeting and Exposition. We are the market leader in Oncology Diagnostics for over 20 years. With over 1.7 million cancer-related tests per year, and an extensive range of over 500 clinical cancer tests available, we are your trusted partner in patient care. We will be showcasing our cutting-edge heme based solutions including: Neo Comprehensive™ - Heme Cancers, Neo Comprehensive™ - Myeloid Disorders and COMPASS® Hematopathology Services.

You will find us at Booth #851. Visit our webpage to schedule a meeting with a NeoGenomics representative to learn more about our heme assays.